Moroccan inspired lamb

This super simple Moroccan inspired lamb recipe is perfect for a weaning baby but also super tasty for us big kids too.

Boiled organic egg & soldiers with crisp Oxsprings air-dried ham

As Executive Head Chef of the Cotswolds Ellenborough Park's 3 AA Rosette restaurant David Kelman has created a menu that takes classic British dishes and gives them a modern twist. His innovative take on food helped him be awarded the title of 'Chef of the Year' by Cotswold Life in 2013.

Richinflavour is delighted to be able to share with you one of David's own recipes, a luxury twist on boiled egg with soldiers.

Fruit cup jam

The inspiration for this summer fruit jam comes from the quintessential English summer drink - Pimms. Mrs Richinflavour is mighty partial to a glass, no matter what the season is and in her own words “with or without the salad”.

Mustard and tomato tart

This tart digs deep into my past flavour memory banks. On a French exchange, the host mother baked a mustard and tomato tart a few times over the month I spent in their home - it was the first time I really started to enjoy mustard. The hot Dijon mustard wacked my taste buds into action as the sweet juicy tomatoes mellowed the impact – the combination is exceedingly moreish.

Venison and cassis casserole

On this occasion it’s definitely a matter of ‘the best things come to those who wait’. Marinating and then slow cooking the venison creates lovely tender chunks of venison in a velvety currant sauce.

Spinach and pancetta almost-pie

This spinach and pancetta almost-pie is a satisfyingly simple recipe that allows its key ingredients to really shine. Why almost-pie?

This recipe will easily feed four hungry souls. Serve with a nice green vegetable such as broccoli to finish the meal off. If there's any leftover it's also a bit of cracker cold.

Sausage casserole

Gem's sausage casserole is one of our go to dishes; summer or winter. The apple, leek and sage work in harmony with our butcher's tasty pork sausages. With a jacket potato or a large dollop of mash, it's perfect comfort food.

Spiced pumpkin and custard tarts

Pumpkin pie is a favourite sweet of mine. This Pumpkin Tart recipe comes to you in time for Halloween and is effectively a pumpkin and spiced custard tart. They look pretty good and taste bloody awesome

Blueberry and oat drop pancakes

The three key ingredients and inspiration for this recipe is thanks to Swallows’ ‘Recipe for Life’ challenge. Each month three ingredients are chosen and the challenge is set. The ingredients for this month’s challenge are oats, honey and berries and from those little gems, this recipe was born...

Ginger Beer Ribs

Ginger beer is one of my favourite soft drinks so with barbecue season on overdrive here’s a great recipe for barbecue ribs. The ribs taste best if you can leave them in the marinade over night.

Salmon and courgette raviolli

The inspiration for this recipe comes from the ‘Recipe for life’ challenge from Swallows, a charity that helps adults with learning difficulties lead more independent lives. Each month they give a three ingredient challenge – June’s ingredients of choice are salmon, courgette and pasta.

Cotswold smoked trout soufflé

Not so long ago, whilst using up some left over smoked salmon, I experimented by cooking it into a soufflé. Though not perfect it went down well with those around the table and it got me thinking about creating a locally sourced Cotswold version, so after a few tweaks, here’s the final recipe.

Rhubarb & strawberry crumble

With British strawberries now on the shelves and rhubarb growing well, a rhubarb and strawberry crumble is a delicious way to enjoy both fruits. The other ingredient that brings this crumble together is honey. You can use whatever honey you want - wild flower honeys or ginger infused honeys work well.

Spiced lemon & rhubarb cheesecake

Inspiration for this spiced lemon cheese cake and rhubarb jelly came from Bangers & Mash and Swallow's Recipe for Life challenge. Each month they challenge bloggers to create a recipe using three core ingredients plus bits and bobs from the store cupboard. May’s ingredients are rhubarb, lemon and spices.

Tempura Prawns in sweet 'n' sour sauce

This prawn dish is one of my go to recipes when I have no fresh meat or fish in the fridge. I don't have a deep fat fryer and being a bit lazy I rarely deep fat fry in a saucepan; it's the cleaning up bit I can't be bothered with. Shallow frying the prawns in a tempura style thick batter is simple and even if I do say so myself, it tastes awesome.

Being thrifty with a gammon joint

A while ago I realised buying slices of ham for my lunchtime sandwiches was getting pretty expensive. And this is especially the case if you don’t want watered down mashed up wafer thin slices of non-descript pinkish protein. So I started boiling gammon joints in order to make my own sliced ham.

Reddy brilliant coleslaw & dry rub chicken

Beetroot as well as tasting good is also pretty healthy. I’ve been buying a fair amount of it recently so I’ve been trying to mix it up and use it in a number different ways. It works wonders in coleslaw, served with a crispy chicken leg and a few fries you've got yourself and nice light weekday meal.

Pork belly with sweet and sour apple sauce

The end result is a crispy, yet melt-in-your-mouth piece of pork belly with a sweet yet sour sauce that compliments the pork nicely.

Beef short ribs with horseradish dumplings

Beef short ribs are one of the best value and tasting beef cuts. This recipe is nice and easy to prepare though it does have a bit of a lengthy cooking time. Don’t let this put you off as the flavour is well worth the wait.