Chocolate and beer in Bruges

Bruges is a great place to go if you like eating and drinking. There's plenty of eateries, an abundance of chocolate (with or without waffles) and bucket loads of beer. We spent a few days checking this pretty city out.

Ginger Pig - Steak night

For my birthday I was the lucky recipient of a voucher for an evening of food and butchery. As I sat on the bus on the way to London looking forward to my eve at the Ginger Pig, I remembered a scene from American sit-com Scrubs and one of JD and Turk’s little numbers.

Wine tasting in Hungary

White wines from vats and dinner in a Hungarian home. Hungary may not be your typical summer holiday, but we liked the look of an accommodation so we thought we'd try it out; and I'm happy to report it came up trumps.

The Big Feastival

The Big Feastival is right on the curve for good eating and music. Not surprising really when Alex James, pop star turned cheese maker and food presenter, and almost veteran chef Jamie Oliver are the two key bods behind this festival.

Cycling for Dinner - part two

Part one of the Cycling for Dinner tour saw me riding around the Cotswolds discovering just a handful of local suppliers on my doorstep. Part two will take you through what I did with some of the produce and how they were paired with the beers from Compass Brewery.

Cycling for Dinner - part one

The Cotswolds are full of local producers, so I decided to go on a bit of a cycling adventure to discover a few of these producers. Along the way I filled my rucksack with a range of ingredients to cook a five course evening meal for myself, Gem and two friends. Here’s how the journey went...

Witney’s hungry for local food & drink

With so many local producers on its doorstep it seems only right Witney should have its own food and drink festival. St Mary’s church provided the perfect venue for this smorgasbord of local delights.

Lazy lunches in Ticino - Switzerland

Ticino is one of the lesser known areas of Switzerland, with its balmy climate, pristine lakes and fertile lands it's a great destination to travel to if you're into food.

New Zealand street food - crayfish

 Whilst touring around New Zealand’s South Island, we dined on crayfish and enjoyed a view over the Pacific Ocean.

You can't beat a good beer festival

The anticipation and excitement of picking up the beer festival programme is a special moment in a beer drinkers’ world. As you open the booklet you scan through beers, glancing over the names you pick a rough journey through the plethora of beers available.