You can’t beat a good beer festival

The anticipation and excitement of picking up the beer festival programme is a special moment in a beer drinkers’ world. As you open the booklet you scan through beers, glancing over the names you pick a rough journey through the plethora of beers available. Beers with names that role off the tongue and beers from your favourite breweries make for a fun eve of drinking.

The aim of the game is to work through as many beers as possible, whilst talking about how much you like or dislike a particular beer. Unlike its mass produced relative, real ale has an abundance of flavours. The journey of a mouthful of beer works like a good story and starts as you lift the glass to the mouth. The aroma of the hops and barley start exciting the taste buds even before the glass meets the lips.

Beer festival Golden Rules

To get the most out of a beer festival your beer drinking needs a strategy. Here are a few pointers that may help.

Don’t mix your drinks - Though cider is nice and there is often a choice selection at a good beer festival. Even a cheeky half of cider may affect your beer drinking.

Drink halves - There is a time and place for the smaller glass. Simple math you’ll get through a greater proportion of the beers on offer.

Not all beers are for you - Accept the fact that you won't like every beer. If you get one that doesn't agree with your taste buds, down it and move on.

Weakest first - Start weak and build in strength. Like an athlete, warm up first with lighter session ales before going onto stronger numbers.

Take notes - Take a pen and write notes on the menu. You might need help remembering your favourites in the morning.

Take a drinking buddy – As we all know beer is a social drink. Choosing the same beer as your buddy will allow you to compare tasting notes.

It’s all about the brewery - Names of beers generally come and go. Remember the breweries that your favourite beers originate from.

Food is your friend – Eating is cheating shouldn’t ever be the case, especially when you could be tucking into a hog roast or a juicy burger.

Visit the little boys’ room before leaving - I've seen a grown man pole dancing on a train in order to take his mind off the impending need to drain the main.

Always drink sensibly - When people start mucking around beer could get spilt.